Pop PHP Framework

Version 5.3.1 Now Available

Featured Components


A robust database abstraction component with many features, including Active Record, SQL abstraction and migrations

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An HTTP component that includes support for handling both client and server requests, responses, headers and much more.

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A feature-rich HTML form component that makes creating, generating and validating HTML forms simple.

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A PDF component that can create and generate PDF files from scratch, or by importing other PDF files.

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An image component that supports creating, editing and manipulating images via common PHP image extensions.

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A mail component that supports sending and receiving mail via different API mail services, as well as SMTP and IMAP/POP3.

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Pop PHP is an open source, object-oriented PHP framework with humble beginnings dating back to 2009, where it started as a small library of components. The first official version of Pop was released in early 2012. Version 2 was release in 2014, and version 5.3.1 is the current live version in production.

The focus of Pop is to provide a robust set of lightweight tools to assist developers with rapid application development. With a relatively small learning curve, Pop aims to help developers in getting the features they need into their applications so they can be up and running quickly.

Looking for something even lighter?

Popcorn is available as a micro-framework layer that can be utilized to build REST applications and APIs. It utilizes only a few of the web-based components, although any of the other components can be added at any time. With Popcorn, a developer can enforce routing rules based on request methods and quickly wire up a REST-based application.